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Blogger LIVIA Dessata MAXI Review

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Hello beauties,
If there's a must have essential you should always have in your handbag, it has got to be the new Dessata MAXI detangling brush.

The size of your bristles do count when it comes to detangling your hair in the most effective way. For 2017, ultra long, shiny and straight locks are so in for this season which is why you need to really invest in a good hair brush, namely the Dessata Professional Maxi detangling brush. Dessata have recently launched an even better, bigger and bolder brush called the Dessata MAXI detangling brush.

This brush is perfect for those with curl and thick hair because it looks to comb through any tangled and knotty ends. The Dessata MAXI actually offers 30% longer bristles as compared to their original, which means that it is able to penetrate hair deeper as well as looking to gently massage your scalp. (The massage feels good too which is a bonus).

The Dessata MAXI is made from a firmer compound that detangles hair in lesser time which means less effort is needed to tug the hair. The Dessata MAXI features 346 triple length bristles and holds so comfortably well in the hand - making it my favorite go to brush for everyday. For smoother and softer feeling hair, this detangling brush does an amazing job in looking to detangle your ends.

The brush is made in Spain in case you were wondering and also, it features an ergonomic design which means that it doesn't have a handle like other brushes. This allows for better control and strength when looking to brush your hair. It's an amazing detangling brush that I have been keeping in my handbag and it's definitely a must have. My hair tends to get knotty and tangled from time to time, so I am so glad that I have discovered Dessata's new MAXI brush.

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