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MAXI Review by Organic Beauty Trends!

I have long hair, which is very fine and and it tangles into knots as soon as I wash it. When it’s wet, it can be a nightmare to brush. Another problem I have is when I step out into the wind, my hair knots up in an instant. This is my hair [...]

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Natalia from Chic on the Run Blog "highly recommends" Dessata!

Stop damaging your hair with regular brushes and try this amazing Dessata detangling hair brush! It’s super gentle on my hair, doesn’t tug at strands with it’s awesome 440 triple height bristles. Light weight and compact I’d highly recommend it… especially to those with unruly hair. The super cute colour selection and design is such [...]

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"This brush is a miracle worker" MAXI Review by Insincerely Her!

Dessata- Neon Coral Collection: This little brush is freakin' amazing. Fits right in my hand. I will be honest I don’t brush my hair as often as I should. I feel as a bleached blond the more I brush my hair the more breakage I get. What I love about the Dessata detangling brush is [...]

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Dessata MAXI Review by blogger Wellness by Kels!

One thing I don't seem to feature very often on this blog is hair brushes, and I'm not sure why. The right hair brush can make the biggest difference in detangling knots, creating shine, and maintaining hair health. So, today I am sharing my thoughts on a brush I was recently sent; Dessata's Maxi Detangling [...]

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"Finally, The Only Brush You Need" Review by Ultimate Travel Magazine!

Once upon a time someone gave me a detangling brush to review. It looked pretty enough, but when I pushed it through my hair, rather than loosening any knots, it proceeded to tug, pull and rip out some of my hair. Major fail! Okay, so I have been blessed with a head of thick hair [...]

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Two Kids Raising Kids Dessata MAXI Review!

Okay so I know you’re readying this one and thinking “really Teags, a brush?” but this brush has been a game changer for me! If your favorite part of going to the hairdresser is getting your scalp scrubbed and massaged the sh*t out of, then this brush is for you! I’ve been using a tangle [...]

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