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Their mini detangling brush is the perfect size for putting in your handbag for when you need to fix your hair. The brush also comes with a protective cover that protects the bristles from damage. This cover makes the brush easy to store and allowed me to feel safe putting it in my bag.

Purple is my all time favourite colour, so I was extremely excited to see them release a purple metal colour to their brush range. Having previously tried their brushes I knew that they were really good for my thick hair. The mini size fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, making it easy to brush my hair.

After using the brush my hair became a lot smoother than it was before. I don’t think it became much shinier, but I think with continued use it could definitely give my hair a glow to it.
Normally after I wash my hair, I find it increasingly difficult to brush out the knots. But Dessata’s detangling brush made short work of the knots and tangles in my hair! I wasn’t left pulling the brush through my hair, but instead it glided through really easily. The small size of the brush also allowed me to hold it firmly in my hand, allowing me to grip and brush my hair just that little bit easier.


Dessata’s brand new leave in hair treatment, also inspired by Pantone’s colour of the year, offers 10 rejuvenating benefits for your hair.
This intensive hair treatment features extracts of fruit and vegetable stem cells to deliver 10 hair rejuvenating benefits. These benefits assist with detangling hair and making sure that the hair remains healthy for styling.
The leave-in cream features Malicus Domestica stem cells which are sourced from Europe. The apple scented hair treatment, aims to restore lost nutrients and antioxidants, while also reversing UV damage and hydrating the scalp. These benefits help to promote hair growth and give your hair a youthful shine and bounce.

Dessata’s new Bright Leave-in Treatment delivers 10 rejuvenating benefits for your hair, which include:

  1. Enhances natural elasticity
  2. Rejuvenates hair fibres
  3. Intensifies shine
  4. Strengthens capillary surfaces
  5. Increases resistance to hair breakage
  6. Repairs chemically damaged hair
  7. Restores softness
  8. Deposits essential hair nutrients
  9. Facilitates detangling
  10. Eliminates frizz

The hair treatment retails for $39.95, for 150ml of product. I believe that this price is quite affordable considering that you don’t need to use much product to get the desired effects. Plus, when you look at the high-quality ingredients and the amount of benefits your hair is receiving from the product it definitely offers value for money.

My hair gets tangled quite easily after washing, so I have turned to Dessata’s new haircare treatment to help with the health of my hair. The product smells really nice, and does not hint at any type of chemical treatment product.

Unfortunately, when I applied it to my hair, I was left with a greasy and heavy feeling. It did not seem to absorb for at least 15 minutes after applying and rubbing it through. Then, in the morning the hair at the top of my head felt a bit crispy and a lot of it was stuck together. I haven’t experienced this with any hair treatments before so I was definitely shocked for this to happen.

However, in the morning my hair was left with beautiful long curls, that looked extremely natural. This was a surprise for me as normally after washing my hair it looks like I’ve had a perm.
I do think that it has left my hair feeling healthy and even after one use my hair felt a lot thicker than before. I was really happy with this as to me this makes it feel smoother and reduces the risk of so many hairs falling out.

Sadly, I only had enough product in my sample sachet for one use, so I am not 100% sure on the complete benefits of the product after continual use.

Dessata continues to be one of my favourite haircare brands and I absolutely adore their brushes. I definitely recommend giving their brushes a go if you have thick or long hair as they work so well!


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