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Close your eyes, breathe in and feel the purity of fresh air. Breathe out, open your eyes and enjoy the landscape: a natural paradise, a gift full of purity, vitality and harmony. The environment is one of the greatest treasures of life and we must learn how to take care of it and how to appreciate it because it will be, with no doubt, the best legacy we can leave our children and grandchildren.

For us, the environment is a very important energy source but it is also a source of inspiration and our main motivation is that each one of our detangling hairbrushes and manufactured products is sustainable and respectful with our environment.


Dessata is a product made in Spain. Every process of design, development and production of the brush, packaging and merchandising of the brand is completed in Spain. It is with this that we're able to guarantee that we adhere to the legislation enforced within the required high standards of the ISO 9001:2008.


We also pride ourselves on sustainable manufacturing by using a power supply 100% renewable from hydraulic, wind and solar stations. Likewise, all disposable parts of the supply chain are made of recycled or recyclable materials so that they can be correctly processed.

In order for the manufacturing to be completely sustainable and respectful with the environment, we cooperate with ECOEMBES, a non-profit environmental organization that consults and guides us throughout the whole process.


All the packaging that you can find with our detangling brushes are made of PET material (one of the less harmful ones for the environment) and the papers have the FSC certification, a document that proves that they come from forests responsibly managed that are replanted with every tree used.


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