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Dessata vs Tangle Teezer! "...with my hair getting curlier the Dessata has been a game changer!"

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Kimmi from the Plastic Diaries reviews/compares Dessata and Tangle Teezer!

"I find myself reaching for the Dessata Maxi for one key reason –
I get less frizz from using this brush on my dry curly hair."

Detangling hairbrushes are available from just about everywhere now but when it comes to trusted brands there are a few to choose from. In this post I’ve got Tangle Teezer vs Dessata in a battle of the detangling brushes. Both are priced almost identically (here in Australian anyway) so which brush is worth your dollars?

For this battle I’ve selected the Tangle Teezer The Original to go up against the Dessata Maxi Detangling Brush. I own three Tangle Teezer brushes – The Original, Compact Style and Aqua Splash – but for this post I’m comparing The Original as it’s the most popular model. Read on to find out which might be the best detangling brush for you.


Dessata’s Maxi brush is larger at roughly 13cm long while Tangle Teezer’s Original is approximately 11.5cm, and width is almost the same at around 6cm. Tangle Teezer’s two-level bristles reach a maximum length of approximately 1.5cm vs Dessata’s three-level system which reaches 2cm.

The two brushes have very different shapes which means they feel very different in the hand. Dessata feels larger and can switch between left and right hands without needing to reposition the brush. Tangle Teezer’s cloud-like contours are more ergonomic but I do need to rotate it when switching hands. I find the slightly lighter and smaller body of the Tangle Teezer is more comfortable in my petite hands. Dessata’s deep curves on the back don’t appear to be designed to be held in the hand in a particular way but I found the larger curve is more comfortable under my fingers and the flatter section in my palm.


Most importantly I will declare that both brushes detangle knots quickly and with less pain than a normal brush. They both work for every hair type but there are certain hair types that will prefer one over the over. The Original’s shallower bristles feel softer on the scalp and are ideal for fine, thin hair and straight hair types. The problem with The Original is that if you have thick hair or curls, you will need to section your hair in order to get through all the knots and may require a few more strokes than you would with a regular brush. Just brushing from the top layers won’t penetrate deep enough to get knots in the underneath layers.

Dessata’s Maxi brush has firmer and longer bristles than Tangle Teezers, which means the Dessata is great for curly and thick hair types. It works much quicker than Tangle Teezer’s Original for these hair types but when used on fine or thin hair the difference is minimal.

I personally have thin, fine hair that is curly. I find myself reaching for the Dessata Maxi for one key reason – I get less frizz from using this brush on my dry curly hair.


Both brushes are a bit fiddly to clean but they are much easier than regular hairbrushes. Removing hair from both took less than 10 seconds each. I found the tighter spacing in the Tangle Teezer traps more dust and lint than the Dessata. I was able to completely remove all visible dust from the Dessata Maxi while it seems there is remaining dust in the Tangle Teezer that just won’t come out. I’ve tried scrubbing it, picking it out, brushing it out – still, a visible amount remains.


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